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Event Photography

Our event photography covers a variety of events. We have experience working in a range of environments, from classical music festivals, registry weddings, family birthdays, local Christmas festivals to advertising events. Our most featured event is the Disney challenge at the Bournemouth Air Show.

The Disney challenge was a 200m long inflatable obstacle course — two competitors took part every fifteen minutes and the time for each competitor was recorded, and fastest person for each hour received Disney goodies. We captured photos that highlighted the fun and competitive spirit of the event.

Our event services are designed to suit any event or occasion. We provide general coverage, taking photographs of the event attendees and organisers and making sure that the event’s most important displays or competitions are documented.

At media Tigers we  believe that our pricing model makes it simple for people to understand.

So our fee is only £60 for one hour and £220 upto three hours and then additional hours are available for £60 per hour.

We cover events from Fareham in Hampshire through to Poole in Dorset

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