architectural photography

The Radley House Partnership – Chartered Architects gave me a commission; to take architectural photographs of one of their projects at the Mission Hall, the project scope was to convert a village hall into a residential property. I was given a number of photographs of their building design for integrating a modern living accommodation with a nineteenth-century building, the photographs were used as a guideline for the type photographs they required. My photographs were to be used for publicity for the Radley House Partnership, so they needed to be of the highest quality

interior of a country house
mission hall
mission hall hampshire
mission hall hampshire
  • The photo-shoot at the Mission Hall went well and captured all of the photographs that my client required and more, the day that I took the photographs it was sunny so had used ND Filters on some of the photographs to reduce the light. I processed the photographs and the put them on online for my client to review, they approved all of my photographs
  • The final photographs were delivered to my client by WeTransfer, only one last minute problem, my client contact was on holiday, I received on email out of office autoreply email, so called up the clients office to inform them that photographs were waiting to be downloaded.
  • The client reviewed the final photographs and they were pleased with the completed photo shoot, as the photrographs were going to be used to marketb the practice
modern house
City View
Skyscrapers in the City of London
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