Xmas tree in red

Christmas Celebrations


Christmas: it’s a beautiful time of the year, and it’s the time when the Christmas Party or Christmas Event becomes a much-anticipated event on everyone’s calendars. families and event planners are busily preparing for the festivity, but they should not forget the Christmas event photography that really captures the spirit of the event and the season in 2020

It time to plan the much-loved Christmas with family and friends reunion, and it’s often a time to look back on the past year which has not been a good one, so it’s time to look forward to 2021 and celebrate the festive session. We can be sure that everyone will turn out in their best party outfits and ring in Xmas 2020. However, your Christmas event would not be complete without a photographer from Media Tigers.

Interior Photography

Interior photography helps promote the atmosphere of any residential property. Taking just the right photos of an interior space tells a story about the establishment and can entice potential customers or renters to find out more about the space. Getting quality photography is key, however ? poorly lit photos or images that are not of good quality do not add value to the property?s reputation. Good interior photography is focused on the right lighting and proper arrangements

We take residential photography of executive properties, luxury holiday accommodation, luxury holiday homes, executive lets, serviced apartments, and self-catering apartments. Because we understand that the best interior photography uses professional studio lighting, we take special care to create the ideal lighting conditions for each photoshoot. The right lighting is essential to achieving high-quality images that are clear and crisp, so we create an ideal lighting environment during each shoot.

living room
Modern Apartment
house study

Architecture Photography

We create outstanding images of contemporary architecture and design, by providing high quality architecture photographic services, with twenty years experience of transforming outstanding architecture and design into professional architectural photographs for our clients, this includes Radley House Partnership ? Chartered Architects gave me a commission; to take photographs of one their projects at the Mission Hall

our architectural photography brings out the character of a contemporary buildings as well as highlighting the features that make each building unique, by using wide angle lenses and digital techniques ensures that building design are portrayed in the style similar to the architects own vision. Architectural photography is about capturing the design of building as seen by the architectural design, its lighting, colour and composition.

modern house
Skyscrapers in the City of London
City View

Holiday Home Photography

We have been taking holiday homes photos for Holiday lettings.co.uk, bookings.com, airbnb, and Meero (France) over the last ten years. Professional property photography helps promote the atmosphere of your holiday home. Taking just the right photos of an interior space tells a story about your property and can entice potential customers to find out more about your vacation property

We spend time finding the best angles, moving furniture, and working with natural light in order to bring your vacation property to life in a way that captures its very best features. One of the key features of photographing holiday homes is removing clutter in order to show the best features. What makes your place unique?

Classic english cottage
holiday cottage
Holiday Rental House by sea
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